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Cosmetic dentistry is no longer reserved for celebrities or the rich and famous as today's procedures are both accessible and available for everyone.

Dr Gulati has hand picked a team of supporting clinicians who complement his cosmetic dentistry skills, so you can improve your smile and/or face with braces, implants or our facial injectable 'tweakments' or a combination of treatments.

Simone was really conscious of her smile, disliking the crooked appearance. Porcelain veneers were fitted on the upper front 10 and lower front 10 teeth, creating a sparkling smile. In the process Simone remarked upon how much more confident she was when meeting people.
Simply by replacing old, worn crowns this patient's smile has been revived.
A number of old crowns were replaced, laser contouring improved the gum line and porcelain veneers created a beautiful, bright smile.
This lady wanted an even smile and her old crowns replacing. Treatment consisted of 3 new crowns, gum contouring and teeth whitening producing this stunning smile.
Severe crowding, twisted and poor shaped teeth meant this patient rarely showed her teeth when she should. After wearing braces and having 10 veneers she now shows a beautiful set of teeth every time she laughs or smiles.
Discoloured and uneven teeth were a major issue for this patient. She opted for porcelain veneers on both upper and lower teeth to create a perfect ‘hollywood’ smile.
Old crowns and worn teeth added to the distress of discolouration. This lady had the crowns replaced, upper and lower veneers added and a dental implant to complete this stunning revived smile.
With 2 missing teeth and spacing between the upper teeth, Liz really lacked smile confidence. Dr. Vaibhav Gulati created a beautifully classic smile using porcelain veneers which placed the teeth in a uniformed design.
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