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Supported entirely by resting upon the ridge bone and palate in the case of uppers
Retained by fitting into undercut areas
Least costly investment initially - do require relines recommended about every year at the start then about every three years on the average
Teeth wear, bone resorbs so that a new denture is typically needed after every 5 years
May require adhesive paste to provide additional retention initially for major chewing and later for all eating and speaking
Ridge bone continues to be lost due to two reasons:
Atrophy - lack of use since no more tooth roots embedded in bone
Resorption - forces upon bone as denture shifts during chewing causes stress
This is magnified and accelerated the longer the denture is worn without relining and the more unbalanced the bite is from the start (over bite, irregularities) or has become due to uneven wear of the teeth (especially a problem when various teeth oppose the denture - some natural enamel, some porcelain, various types of filling materials)
Dentures must be made and maintained in harmony with the surrounding muscles.
The tongue is an especially important factor in having success with lower dentures
Denture can be made to be attractive and natural looking
When initially fitted dentures allow about 25% of the chewing force possible with strong full set of natural teeth
Undercuts give dentures retention but also can be a source of sore spots

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