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Multiple single crowns allow best appearance and easiest flossing.
Implants can also be abutments for several bridge sections or one long span bridge for the entire arch.
These restorations allow maximum cosmetic appearance since the crowns are made from porcelain which has natural translucency, many shades are available and shades can be custom blended.
These restorations are the strongest and can deliver 80 - 90% chewing force.
Excellent daily home care is needed just like when a patient has many remaining natural teeth heavily restored by crowns or bridges. That means flossing between the implants.

Implants help maintain jaw bone since they give the bone a purpose - the bone in use with normal amount of force stays healthy - similar to exercising for muscles and joints.

In many cases a patient wears a partial or full denture as a temporary when they ultimately plan to have implants as their long term tooth replacement. Having good fitting and nice appearing partial or full dentures prevents further damage to remaining teeth and also protects implants as they heal within the bone. Having a good partial or full denture and also a dentist who knows how to customize and modify them, can be a great advantage when a patient desires implants but will need a year or even much longer before completion.

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