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Two or more teeth with reasonably healthy bone and gum tissue can be saved so that a denture can be retained over them - The denture is still completely supported by resting on the gums and underlying bone The remaining teeth provide retention only.
Saving teeth also saves bone thus avoiding even more atrophy - the bone stays around the roots as long as forces are normal
The denture can be retained by a variety of options: silicone rubber, O- Rings or "snap "attachments, Clips on a bar.
Teeth saved must be in good condition and must be maintained by good home care and professional cleanings in order to make this feasible.

Attachments work well when there are poor existing undercut areas and / or very strong muscles wanting to dislodge the denture.
The forces used when chewing should still be within the 25 - 35% range. Care should be used in type of food and force used so that the attachments and remaining tooth roots are not overloaded. A night time retainer or second denture is often made to prevent clenching upon the attachments while sleeping.

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